Meet World Class Experts

We believe that great founders, operators, and investors can change the world. We've learned that deep expertise is scarce; but we think it’s crucial for startups to succeed. We’ve designed Founder Field Day to introduce exceptional founders to the world’s best operators and investors for face-to-face discussions.

Work Hard & Play Hard

The day will be 9 innings of personalized work and play sessions. Before the event, we’ll ask guests for their most pressing business challenges. We’ll tailor each guest’s agenda to their needs and the corresponding expertise of the operators and investors. Each session will be a small group discussion in the suites at AT&T Park's Suite Level. 

Join a Championship Roster

We're inviting exceptional founders who have demonstrated significant traction with their businesses. Most have hit what we're calling the 100k milestone: 100,000 monthly active users or $100,000 monthly revenue. We believe startups that have attained this traction have a great shot at building big businesses.

A Glimpse of Founder Field Day

Each founder recieves a custom schedule based on the founder’s needs.
Enjoy engaging content sessions, opportunities to meet the press, a networking session with relevant peers, investors, and industry leaders, and a chance to hit a ball on the field!
Below is an example of what your day may look like.
Active Warm-Up
Registration & Breakfast
1st Inning
Opening Celebration
2nd Inning
3rd Inning
Improv with BATS 
Intimate Session w/ Founder Luminary 
4th Inning
Lunch on the Baseball Diamond
5th Inning
Meet the Press
6th Inning
Hiring and Recruiting Strategies
7th Inning Stretch
Hit a Baseball on the Field!
7th Inning
Conversation and Connecting 
8th Inning
Intimate Session w/ Founder Luminary 
9th Inning
Closing Celebration
Extra Innings
Cocktails on the Terrace

Facetime With Experts

We’ve filled the roster with experts from different industries who have built successful companies. Engage with accessible experts in design, engineering recruiting, HR, and more.

Founder Field Day is on May 5, 2014

The application period is now closed. Thank you for your interest.
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